Friday, September 4, 2009

Road trip to Camayan- A photo essay

Clear skies and a sunny day after ages was what prompted us to hit the roads from Manila, on a Saturday morning in the direction of Subic. At a distance of around 150 kilometres, this is where some of the beaches that are closest to Manila are. Our destination was the Camayan beach resort, known for its beach front rooms and pristine beach. However the fun started way before we actually reached Camayaan. The less than two hour drive from Manila to Subic is via some of the best and scenic roads in the nation. The scenery ranges from the Lahar flow from the 1991 Mt Pinatubo eruption to the SCTEX highway itself that has been made by literally, cutting through mountains.

Though Subic is known for its free port, the place is not in any way limited by beaches alone. The abundant forests in the area have also led to a number of tree-top adventure parks as well as Jungle Safari parks. Though we were headed to the beach, I managed to click a few forest giants that seemed to be stepping out of their green abode, ‘a la talking trees of the Lord of the Rings Style’

Camayan wharf is at the end of this gorgeous, winding road. Huge mangroves that make up a natural sheltered path on the beach line the shore. The perfect place to relax after a swim. We also took our time on the shore clicking what seemed to be the strangest flowers that we saw strewn all around the sand. If any of you know what these flowers are called, do drop in a line. We’ve been unable to figure out so far.

And what’s a better way to end a day on the beach than lapping up the sound of waves while enjoying some great food and cocktails on a tastefully lit restaurant on the seaside. All in all, Camayan is proof that you don’t have to go a long way from home for some rest and rejuvenation.


  1. i lurrrve the one with those white flowers in the foreground!! And the one with the sihouette of overhanging roots!! Lovely!!

    A suggestion though- why dont you try and reduce the size of the picture before uploading... Right now, it blows up to mammoth propotions when i click for a full image and i have to scroll up and down to view the full pic...
    Its not an original thought though- this was one of the comments i got when i put a picture post in my blog.. Just passing on the wisdom!! :)

  2. Hey Jyo, Thanks so much for the suggestion! Hadn't thought of that actually! Will do that next time I post:D
    And thanks fr liking the pics. Just me looking at the world from simple lil P50:)

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