Monday, October 25, 2010


Hello fellow travellers,
It's been a while yes, but to know why the travel blog's been languishing head to
Not an excuse, but I've been chained to the desk, putting finishing touches on my first book and travelling has not been an option. Sigh!
But I've managed to try and spread the need to get out there and see the world through a new column in RobinAge
Passport is a travel column for children and here goes some of the articles that have been featured so far.

So if you are intrepid travellers who have children of your own or have nephews and nieces that you would like to nudge in the direction, you know which paper to pick up for them.

On another note, there are quite a lot of travel stories coming your way this November.
For starters watch out for my dispatches from Siem Reap that starts this Friday.

Till then stay safe and remember to dream of a new destination tonight!

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