Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cobwebs on the backpack

And on the blog as well.

I've been busy setting up FIRST FEATHER CONSULTANTS, a firm that helps individuals start something new in the creative or business space and the only travelling that I've been doing is the day-dreaming kind!

For more on First Feather please head over to SIMPLY SPEAKING where you can read the full story! And writers make sure you head across, as FIRST FEATHER is currently looking for submissions for an e-Book on persons of note. All details on Simply Speaking.

And if this has intrigued you, do join us on Facebook via the badge you see on your right!

Show us some love just as the fine folks at Your, a site affiliated to CNBC's Young Turks has been doing! :)

But yes, nothing can keep my restless feet bound by the computer for so long! So I will be back with a travel post soon! :)

Till then, here's to dreams of conquering new destinations and adding the First Feathers to our travel caps !