Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Destinations are over-rated

Yes, it's been a long while. And I have now become accustomed to apologizing for my absence. And for those readers who did not notice my comeback here or here, the reason why I was away - was the launch of my debut novel, 'Coming Up On The Show... The travails of a news trainee.'  The readers have received it well and it secured a spot on the Landmark Bestsellers list as well. So anyway, that's why the travel blog has been languishing.

Plus the rains lashing the Philippines have not exactly been conducive to travel either. Many a weekend plan was disposed off after the rain gods played spoil sport time and time again. This last weekend though, me and the husband decided to go on that elusive road trip, come rain or shine. Yes, we had Typhoon Mina hanging over our heads and most parts of the country had a Signal 1, 2 or 3 hoisted over it. But sometimes even drives in the rain can be totally worth it as this trip proved.

We were off to La Union - around 4 - 5 hours away from Manila by road. It is a surfers destination and as both of us had never been on a board before, we knew that this weekend would be all about seeing and absorbing.

Like this woman here who has decided that the soft sand is where she would be rather than slamming her rib-cage into a hard board as she attempted to ride the waves 

This man gave us some nail-biting moments. As the waves rose up and down and he struggled to keep his balance, we kept wondering, 'Will he? Won't he?'

And then there were the pros. You can see from his confident stride that he's the kind who is defeated by no wave! 

And finally after three rain-drenched days at the beach, where we overdosed on languid swimming in the resort pool and the best of hospitality, it was time to drive home. The six-hour drive back was full of sights like these. Through a rain-spattered windshield we saw people braving the rains to get on with their lives.

And noticed that rain does not stop the faithful either as they pile into trikes and jeepneys to head in the direction of church spires and pulpits on a rainy Sunday afternoon. 

And then of course there are the sights like these.  A smiling ladybug trundling down a country road as it always has for years. 

If the journey is this good, it makes you think that destinations are over-rated. What say?